What's the difference between PVC floor and rubber floor?

  With the continuous development of the flooring industry, in addition to the most traditional wood flooring, there are many new flooring types on the market now, including PVC flooring and rubber flooring, which are comparatively similar. Many consumers mistakenly think that they are a flooring variety when they choose to buy, in fact, there are still big differences between them. Today, Xiaobian will talk about them. Difference.

  PVC floor

  Distinction I. Components

  PVC floor, also known as plastic floor and stone floor, is mainly a new type of floor made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, which has many advantages; while rubber floor is a new type of floor product made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, which also has many advantages.

  Distinction II. Colors

  Because rubber has a strong color absorption performance, it is difficult to dye rubber floors in the production process. Most of the finished rubber floors have a single color and offer less choices to consumers. Unlike PVC floors, it can have non-colorful patterns and patterns which can be combined arbitrarily and provide more choices to consumers.

  Rubber floor

  Distinction 3. Price

  Nowadays, the price of PVC floor on the market is not expensive because of its abundant raw materials, but the price of rubber floor, especially the rubber floor made of natural rubber, is much higher than that of PVC floor due to the influence of raw materials and technology. It can be said that if the PVC floor is regarded as a standard product, the natural rubber floor is a high-end product.


  Although these two new floor products are very wear-resistant, but relatively speaking, the wear resistance of rubber floor is better than that of PVC floor, so it is undoubtedly more appropriate to use rubber floor in areas with a large flow of people, such as airports and railway stations.

  The above is the difference between PVC floor and rubber floor. It can be seen that although they have similar floors in appearance and performance, they also have many differences.

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