Where is SPC floor suitable for?

  SPC floor is suitable for which scenes, can families use it? Many people pay more attention to this problem in detail. What scenarios can SPC flooring be used in? This requires us to know from many aspects, such as the environment, advantages and disadvantages, etc. today, enmansensspc flooring manufacturer will introduce this in detail for you.

  SPC floor adopts new environmental protection materials, which are composed of calcium carbonate and polyvinyl chloride, free of formaldehyde, and new materials, free of heavy metal lead, o-benzene, etc. it can be used even if there are children, pregnant women and the elderly at home, which is the best choice for home decoration floor.

  Moreover, SPC lock floor has strong waterproof performance, and will not deform after blistering. Seamless lock splicing can prevent water from seeping into the ground, and the cork on the bottom layer is made of red wine cork, which is non absorbent and plays a good moisture-proof role. Even in the kitchen and bathroom, SPC floor feels more astringent when it is sticky with water, and the wetter it is, the less slippery it is, so it can also be used in the swimming pool.

  SP Floor wear-resistant strength can reach more than 20000 revolutions, and fire-proof, waterproof, elastic, even in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, schools, hospitals with large flow of people can use, and different from marble, SPC has no radioactive substances, which is a very good choice for hospitals.

  SPC floor has common ground materials which can not compare with sound absorption effect, so it is often used in quiet environment such as office, school library, lecture hall, theater, etc.

  SPC floor, a variety of colors such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood pattern, and so on, can even achieve personalized customization. Lifelike and beautiful lines, with a variety of accessories and decorative strips, can be combined to create a beautiful decorative effect, suitable for all kinds of public places.

  The above is based on the analysis of the advantages of SPC floor. According to the advantages of the floor, the scenarios that can be used are listed. There are basically not too many restrictions on the reuse function of SPC floor, so there are more scenarios that can be applied.

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