Which is better, ceramic tile or wooden floor?

  Ceramic tile and wooden floor are the common material that household decorates now, but which is good after all? This may be the problem that all consumer doubts more, what does the advantage and disadvantage of ceramic tile have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood floor?

  Wood floor advantages:

  Wooden floor flexibility is good, do not have ash, easy cleanness, do not return damp, accumulative heat coefficient is small, often use at living room, bedroom to wait. The kind of wooden floor basically has: real wood floor, real wood compound floor, aggrandizement floor.

  Floor laying relative to simplicity, late maintenance boundary

  Floor has more style, color, size choice, can match at will.

  Ceramic tile advantages:

  Ceramic tile advantage 1, heat temperature is not easy also be out of shape (follow those who bake 1200 degrees to compare what to not consider).

  Ceramic tile advantage 2, bibulous rate is low, did not suffer from damp trouble.

  Ceramic tile advantage 3, stability is good, durable, life is long (general 10-20 years).

  Ceramic tile advantage 4, fire, waterproof, anticorrosive, antifouling.

  Ceramic tile advantage 5, later period maintains maintenance easily, do convenient.

  Ceramic tile advantage 6, material environmental protection (individual customer can put forward radiate problem, can explain clear, porcelain qualitative brick radiate coefficient is low and small but negligible. Say radiative problem to point to stone material commonly, do not lay sto
ne material indoor so commonly).

  Ceramic tile advantage 7, grain choice range is big (want the feeling of wood optional wood grain brick, grain is quite lifelike also).

  Ceramic tile advantage 8, the size is much, a variety of form a complete set, personalized shop sticks adornment effect.

  Teach you to differentiate ceramic tile and wooden floor, choice does not worry

  Ceramic tile drawbacks

  Ceramic tile defect 1, feel ceramic tile is cold in winter (for the person that likes barefoot enters a room).

  Ceramic tile defect 2, brick seam time long easy become dirty black.

  Advantages of wood floor

  Wood floor advantage 1, woodiness has certain softness degree, foot feels comfortable.

  Wood floor advantage 2, design and color texture is rich, natural and beautiful.

  3. Simple installation and construction.

  Wood floor advantage 4, the winter of north lie between cool, the bedroom has sweet feeling.

  Shortcomings of wood floor

  Wood floor shortcoming 1, heat bilges cold shrinkage, compound board is bibulous, especially southern climate slants damp and hot.

  Wood floor weakness 2, the water is easy to become warped deformation (you do not remember to close the window every time).

  Wood floor defect 3, north winter is cold, if outfit floor is warm, cannot use real wood floor and should hit keel other floor.

  Wooden floor defect 4, formaldehyde problem, especially compound board, especially bad for children, news exposure.

  Wooden floor defect 5, floor lacquer also can make a person is not at ease.

  Wood floor fault 6, service life is relatively short (it is said that aggrandizement compound board also does not exceed 6 years), want to often wax maintains.

  Wood floor defect 7, clean maintenance should be careful, quite troublesome.

  Wood floor defect 8, after local damage, a lot of should change completely just good-looking.

  Wood floor defect 9, wood is not environmental protection (solid wood must cut down how many trees).

  Wooden floor is to show the floor that makes with lumber, the wooden floor that China produces basically divides into floor of real wood floor, aggrandizement wood floor, real wood compound floor, multilayer compound floor, bamboo material floor and cork floor 6 kinds. Ok, after reading about the comparison of tile and wood floor prepared by SPC flooring manufacturer in emmanson, did it help you to choose tile and wood floor? If you find this article valuable, please forward it to Facebook.

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