Why choose commercial vinyl flooring for your facility?

  Vinyl flooring resists water, sunlight and heavy use, and some materials are even pre treated to clean and control infection. At the same time, the emergence of digital graphics layer provides almost unlimited design versatility.

  Due to its versatility and durability, vinyl flooring is a good flooring material to be considered in almost all commercial applications. Ethylene is the only area that is not commonly used in heavy kitchen and industrial applications. Quarry tiles have been proven to withstand the high humidity, high impact environment of commercial kitchens. Polished concrete or epoxy flooring may be more common industrial flooring materials.

  However, vinyl flooring is a functional and aesthetically attractive option for almost all other applications. Nowadays, many vinyl flooring can provide high quality finishes and durable surfaces at a much lower cost than traditional materials such as stone and wood.

  At spectrum contract flooring, we use life cycle cost analysis to help you choose the most cost-effective commercial vinyl flooring, which can show the cost of your flooring, including the early cost and long-term cost. In most cases, the analysis shows that LVT is a better choice, which is what we usually recommend.

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