Why does the gym floor use SPC lock floor

  With the improvement of the standard of clothing, food, housing and transportation, people are more concerned about their health. More and more people choose to exercise to maintain a stable body shape and ensure physical and mental health. The gym is becoming more and more popular with all of us. There are many sports facilities, professional coaches in the gym, and the overall decoration environment and materials such as the gym also have a great impact on many people's choice. Why should the floor use SPC lock floor?

  Why does the gym use SPC floor?

  A good gym, for all the equipment and decoration environment is very important. Which floor decoration materials are also very important. So, what kind of wood flooring do gyms usually choose today?

  1. Low carbon environmental protection, zero formaldehyde

  SPC wood floor is completely free of indoor formaldehyde, a harmful chemical substance. The raw material is polyethylene, which is a new type of low-carbon and environmental protection floor material. It can give physical and mental health comfort to exercise and fitness people.

  Moreover, this kind of SPC floor is zero formaldehyde, and the newly installed gymnasium does not need to wait for the process of odor dispersion. Generally, the newly installed gymnasium will be vacant for a period of time, which also causes a certain cost.

  2. Strong wear resistance

  Due to the frequent application and heavy load of the wood floor in the gym, the SPC wood floor surface has a strong wear-resistant layer, which determines its excellent wear resistance. In this way, it can ensure that the service life of the gym wood floor is longer and more durable.

  3. High elasticity and impact resistance

  SPC wood floor has certain ductility and strong impact resistance. It can alleviate the damage of the road to the body-building people, make the feet comfortable, and avoid the injury condition of the body-building exercise very well.

  4. Strong anti slip ground

  The wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC wood floor has unique anti-skid characteristics of the ground, so it is not easy to fall on the SPC wood floor. In the whole process of fitness exercise, the SPC wood floor of gym has very good reliability and firmness. The utility model can make the fitness person exercise stably and comfortably, and can avoid the accidental fall of the fitness person.

  Even if you encounter water stains, it has a good anti-skid effect, and it will become more and more rusty when you encounter water.

  5. Pattern diversity

  SPC wood floor has many tonal patterns, such as blanket pattern, marble pattern, wood floor pattern, etc., which can be customized according to different requirements. It can customize its own special production patterns, different colors and sizes for the gym, and give the gym different decorative design actual effects.

  Why does the gym use SPC floor?

  SPC wood floor can well meet the requirements of all aspects of fitness. As well as the application of the venue, this is why SPC wood floor is warmly welcomed by many gymnasiums and loved by sports gymnasts.

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